Object Oriented C++ Window Hider for Microsoft Windows platforms.

This was a simple utility I developed. I have a YouTube video for it of the first version, though the GitHub repository later in this page has the latest version of it. It allows you to select windows to toggle visibility on, making visible windows hidden, or back to visible. There are two modes – basic and advanced – basic lists all the currently visible window titles, and advanced lists both visible and hidden window titles. Advanced mode is useful for scenarios where a user of this application toggled a window to hidden then exited out of the application and wanted to bring it back. In basic mode it wouldn’t show up because it’s hidden, and basic mode only shows the visible windows, so advanced mode will list everything and the user will be able to select that ID to toggle back into being visible.

Here was a neat little project I did that allowed you to show and hide windows in Microsoft Windows platforms.

The github link is here: https://github.com/sanusbaum/WindowHiderV2

Some pictures:

The second image is showing basic mode, which shows all the visible window titles running. Advanced mode shows every window title, which is a lot more. You will notice many window titles are blank, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a window, it just means there isn’t a title for the window. So they look out of place, but are actually normal.