My name is Spencer Nusbaum. I am a 24 year old male, residing in Camas, Washington. This is my portfolio. It was created to demonstrate work I do, have done, and am capable of. Please, take a look around.

I just graduated with a social sciences major with a digital technology and culture minor and a psychology emphasis. For the past year and a half though, I’ve been freelancing for the company somethingclevercp.com, where I created an automated photography rendering software package, and a photography and video social media sharing software in Java. Before that I created a DNS IP firewall updater in C++ for another company. I also wrote the content management system and website for aaronartist.com. In high school, I founded and led the engineering club to win 1st place at Washington State University’s Imagine Tomorrow competition, where we created an intelligent home energy management system, and I wrote all of the software. You can read more about it here. The year prior I led the team to win 4th place at the competition as well. I’ve been programming since I was about ten years old, and have had invaluable experience from my dad, who is a software engineer himself. I’ve always been a very self-motivated self-starter, and enjoy approaching challenges in a problem-solving approach.

I’ve also always been a innovator when it comes to information technology. I’ve been inspired by technology ever since I was 10 and got my first Parallax BASIC Stamp project board and used it to automate my Christmas lights. Ever since then I’ve gone on to create hundreds of projects, ranging from security systems to home automation and monitoring systems and even simple automated tea servers.

I’ve done four hackathons in the past: one at Facebook, one at the University of Washington, one at Zillow, and one through the HackToTheFuture organization. At the HackToTheFuture hackaton my team got an honorable mention about our automated tea server, TeaServer.

A more recent project I’ve done is developing aaronartist.com.

Thanks for looking around!